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How To Promote Clickbank Products


You know what comes to mind when promoting Clickbank Products? Niche, The Word Niche is something I believe everyone who has some free time today should research. Not because I’m telling you to but because you would be surprised at how much information will come up for that word. The reason I say Niche is because that’s what your going to be catering to when your promoting Clickbank Products. Catering to specific group or audience with what you have to offer them and in fact is the biggest hurdle you have as a Clickbank Affiliate selling Clickbank Digitla Products to such a vast array of people. Now you could say “oh i’m going the facebook route or twitter route and i’ll make some money”. Well that’s nice… But Facebook Twitter both Markets so saturated by Scammers that your chances of making money selling Clickbank VIA those Venues is next to nothing.

In fact, if you’ve noticed for every one sale you make VIA Facebook is 5 to 6 hours of work you had to put into getting friends creating groups pitching emails, etc. So it’s not worth it and even Facebook has created programs that go about and limit accounts and or delete accounts of people they feel are spammers. If you’ve read the news recently a lot of people where griping about this. But “Hey Facebook is a privately owned company they can basically do what they want without violating there own rules”. More so Twitter is even worse because you have big name companies for example getting twitter followers for free websites offering purchased followers and free followers. What little do the people who use these sites know is well they have access to your account and they send scam emails to your followers for their own purposes which in return will get your account terminated and banned. So how do you make money promoting Clickbank Products?

The real short answer is hard work and content. Now I know a lot of people don’t believe in hard work anymore. Frankly I’ve seen people my age younger and older who don’t know the value of earning a dollar. For me it’s always been about researching the product I’m selling. What niche I can market that product to and what I need to do to get my Clickbank Affiliate Links out there for people to see click and purchase the vendors product I’m promoting. For me building blogs around that product and also websites is always been key to making a profit with Clickbank and really how you should be promoting your Clickbank Affiliate Links. Yes I know, “Well that means I have to build back-links and promote, etc etc”. No really, if your content is there all you have to do is simply submit your website or blog to Google Bing Yahoo some other search engines and the traffic and sales will come.

A great place i’ve found to promote Clickbank Products is Tumblr. They have a little thing called “Tags” which allows for Tumblr users and Search Engines to pick up on. This in return if you’ve tagged your Tumblr Blog Posts with Google. Any Tumblr user who searches Google will see your post and Tumblr blog right away. Even Google, Bing And Yahoo all have followed Suite and incorporated Tumblr Tags into there search results which has made getting traffic very easy. It’s really all about what your promoting and how your promoting it. Tumblr is great for traffic and selling certain Niches because of having such a young audience. In fact Tumblr is even greater for people who are trying to make some money With Google Adsense because a lot of themes on Tumblr are Google Adsense Friendly at-least in my eyes.

Is there anyplace else? Weebly a free website building website tongue twister that allows for you to build anything and everything. They have tons of free themes for you to use, Google Adsense ready, Clickbank Ready, I mean there’s no limit to what you can and can’t do with Weebly. I’ve been using Weebly for years and in fact this website is based on the idea of using free tools like weebly to be able to market Clickbank products promote them and be able to make money from them without having to spend money. It’s really why I enjoy sites like and because it allows for you to make money without spending money and allow you to learn the in’s and out’s of the Affiliate Marketing industry without the down falls that come with building an actual website and owning a domain name. Which having your own domain name does help but won’t get you money fast and you’ll end up spending more for something you don’t want to. So having the free option is the best route to go.

So when promoting Clickbank products remember Free is the way to go, just as long as free isn’t cheap looking. Remember eye appeal is what sells a product and if your blog or website is appealing and has the needed information to sell the Clickbank Product your promoting then you won’t fail. But if you’ve gone the route of barely putting content having some shady looking website or blog. All your work would have been for nothing really. When promoting Quality is better than Quantity and will always out way the person who has 100 blogs with no content and only outbound links. Success is your ticket and to get that ticket takes content and hard work. The more work you put into it the better you chances of making sales and making money with Clickbank Will be.

Add Clickbank Ads To Your Website Or Blog


Another great way for you to make money from your blog or website and pull in more money with Clickbank is adding Clickbank Ads to your website or blog. I know what your saying, “How Do I Do That”. Well it’s simple and easy and is another great tool that Clickbank gives you to use all you have to is add some HTML Code to your website or blog and tweek the ADs to how you want them to look and your well on your way to making more money with Clickbank and increasing your daily sales or over all sales with Clickbank. The way to ad Clickbank Ads to your Website or Blog is by using the Clickbank Hopad Builder. This builder or simply the wizard allows you to ad keywords based on whatever NICHE your website or blog may be, Allows for different AD formats like Skyscraper, Leaderboard, Box Banner, etc and Different colors Links Font.

Clickbank Hopad builder is so easy and simple to use anyone and everyone can do and add it to their website or blog today right now no technical skills required. It’s amazing to me just how much this isn’t being used or ultilized by so many Clickbank Affiliates. I think it’s based on the fact that a lot of Clickbank Affiliates are also publishers for Google Adbrite Chitika, etc. Thinking “Oh having Google Ads on my website is better than having Clickbank Ads atleast i’m getting paid for every click”. What they don’t realize is your making pennies on the dollar with this tactic or business model. I found for $25 to $50 dollars made with Google you could have made $75 to $150 with Clickbank if you would have been showing their Ads on your website or blog. No this isn’t a joke and no i’m not lying.

Even if you’ve just started out with Clickbank. Head over and start building your own Clickbank Ads right now and give Clickbank Hopad builder a try. Yes you won’t start seeing any sales at first but as traffic to your website or blog picks up and more and more people start coming back or going to your website or blog you will see sales you will see clicks and ultimately you will see your daily to over all sales go up. If you’ve given up on using Clickbank Ads and resorted to making the quick profit it’s your choice. But if your looking to make more of a profit and want to hold out and use Clickbank Ads on your website or blog then create them with The Clickbank Hopad builder. See for every 4 or 5 clicks with Google Adsense or another publisher platform if you would have had Clickbank ads you would have made $20 to $50 dollars.

You see website traffic is so use to ADs that the human eye actually goes to that first. Hence why do you think Google Bing and Yahoo all follow the same format really. If you can ad a leaderboard to your website or blog Skyscraper unit even a box banner unit. You stand to make a lot of money with your blog or website and you don’t have to do nothing more than just use the Clickbank Hopad builder add some HTML to your website or blog and within seconds have Clickbank Ads running. Making you money 24/7 and all you did was follow the Clickbank Hopad wizard copied some code and let it go. Set it forget it really because it’s what you do when you have Clickbank Ads running on your website. For myself I think it’s better because it’s geared toward keywords not trusting in the fact that Google is going to run ADs geared towards your website or blogs niche.

I’ve seen so many websites and blogs that are running Google Adsense or another AD serving system and they have ads that have nothing to do with the owners blog or website. Tell me how your writing about Apple iPhones and your ads are showing HTC related ads, Apartment Ads, Website service ads, etc. Ok I could see the HTC ads but Apartment Ads or ads that have nothing to do with your website or blog. Please, it’s why using Clickbank ads is 100% times better you can make more money with Clickbank Ads than if your running a regular ad serving service like Google Adsense. If you feel like “oh well it doesn’t work”. Even if you’ve used Clickbank Ads before and never saw any type of profit from it. How Long Did You Run Them? What Kind Of Traffic or demographic was coming to your website or blog? I mean it’s hard not to make sales with Clickbank ads because your bound to.

So adding Clickbank Ads to your website you stand to make more money daily and over all with Clickbank than if you ran Google Adsense Adbrite Chitika, Etc ads on your website. For every dollar made that way you could have made $20 to $50 dollars with Clickbank ads. It’s why I wished more and more Clickbank Affiliates who have websites and blogs used the Clickbank Hopad builder to build ad units to put onto their website or blog. It’s not a matter of “Oh I don’t know how to do it”. Wrong anyone and everyone can use the Clickbank Hopad Builder and start making more money with Clickbank now than ever before. I had a friend of mine who used Clickbank Ads and it’s the only way he made money off of his blogs and websites. So you see it’s works, it’s worked for me and countless other Clickbank Affiliates as well. So give it try.. What do you have to lose?

Google Adwords And Clickbank Links


Google Adwords, What hasn’t been said about Google Adwords and Clickbank Affiliate Products already. For starters even if you have the money to go the route of Google Adwords and pay per click or PPC campaign. Getting a Clickbank Affiliate link to actually get approved is hard as hell. We’ve stopped using Google Adwords a little over two years ago even the smallest niches with the cheapest keywords where becoming to expensive. For example your promoting a eBook about taking care of kittens. So your getting an AD set up through Google Adwords and you’ve set the limit to $25 dollars a day to spend in your budget for the daily amount of clicks your ad will receive. Thinking nothing of it you find out to be on the first page which is where the money is you have to put the amount per click to $1.00 to $1.50 per click. Crazy right? Well it’s how it is with Google now.

So what a lot of Affiliates are doing is finding other means to push there PPC Campaigns using other methods. Now there are a lot of other websites that you can push or promote your Clickbank Affiliate links through and won’t have to pay as much but is twice as hard to get sales because a lot of the traffic is fake or robot traffic because a majority of what you find is for every 800 people visiting to our blog website or affiliate link 300 of it is real and the others is robot generated traffic. So that brings into another pit fall of Google Adwords. With promotion on the worlds number one most used search engine comes competition. So imagine you’ve spent hundreds of dollars and made about two or three sales but you noticed that your getting a lot of clicks to your Google Ads well it’s because your competition or another affiliate is clicking on your Ads and making you waste your daily budget so he can spend less on his budget and get sales. It’s fruitless really because you never know whats going to happen. We’ve gotten lucky once or twice with putting $20 in and making $100 to $200 in sales but that is rare.

Don’t use Google Adwords it’s a money pit and a void full of jealous affiliate’s who will click your ads and make your daily budget go straight to end. Making you waste your money, now if you feel you can strive above and have the right products and niches that will succeed. Then by all means please go for it and try it out. It’s just a matter of timing really. Even though we find it rare but you can probably be successful at it. Try it if you end up losing more than $200 and making one or two sales then quit and go a new route. Which you’ll find in other posts in this section of our Clickbank Affiliate related website. In fact this weebly website is to show how much you can do with content some pictures and time. You don’t need to pay for a professional website or expensive Google Adwords PPC Campaigns or pay someone for SEO and tell you how to run your website or blog. Even buying back links which can hurt make and break you. So going it without any money you can actually make a lot of money as long as you put some time and effort into it. We don’t suggest using Google Adwords but try it out if you don’t like it then go another route that we’ll be be outlying in this section of our Clickbank Affiliate Related website.

Speedyads And Clickbank Links


If your looking for cheap PPC Traffic and a website that offers legitimate traffic. Then speedyads is your best choice, like Google Adwords Speedyads has there own search engine and affiliates with Ads on their websites and blogs so your ad is out there in front of millions of people’s eyes. No body clicking on your ads or heavy competition just simply click point and shoot. With Speedyads instead of paying $.50 to $2.00 a click your paying from $0.10 cents a click to as high as $0.40 cents a click. Amazing isn’t it? well it’s not to good to be true and it’s how we run all of our PPC Campaigns now. Cheap easy and gets us sales in fact the sad part is a lot of people don’t even know of Speedyads and a lot of Clickbank Affiliates are still using Google Adwords and Yahoo or the Microsoft Ad exchange route. Why pay serious amount of money when you can pay pennies on the dollar and still get sales and better traffic than what Google, Bing And Yahoo have to offer.

Speedyads is your best alternative to Google Adwords if your looking for a no thrills cost effective way of getting traffic to your website blog or clickbank affiliate links. We’ve been using Speedyads for a little over 3 years now and love everything about it. From the pennies on the dollar advertising to the way you can take $20 to $100 and turn into a lot of traffic really quick and really fast. Your ADs are approved same day and always within’ an hour or two. Unlike Google Adwords as long as your ADs are not porn in nature they’ll be approved. Clickbank Affiliates are welcomed and where Google Adwords fails, Speedyads succeeds. For the millions of affiliates Google Adwords doesn’t allow for use of Clickbank Ads and links Speedyads makes up for. The amount of money Google Adwords is loosing to other PPC Sites like Speedyads is incrediable and one we feel Google shouldn’t have let go.

Traffic Exchanges And Clickbank


What can we say? Traffic Exchanges, well if your a Google Adsense Publisher or run ads for any business of making money off of your traffic then Traffic Exchanges are to be avoided. Especially if your a Google Adsense Publisher this is a big no and is a violation of Google Adsense TOS. If you run any website any blog running Google Adsense Ads your account will be banned and terminated. Don’t try and cheat the Google Adsense system because it will not work. Traffic Exchanges are the poor mans traffic, basically you surf for every page you view for 15 seconds and 30 seconds you get a view in return for the same amount of time. So it’s fast free traffic to your website blog or Clickbank Affiliate link. But it is something that is frowned upon in the industry unless your into that whole niche of traffic exchanges and making money off of that niche or getting referrals to programs such as Neobux or other bux sites etc.

The Traffic generated from traffic exchanges like easyhits4u traffic witch etc can bring you a lot of traffic very fast and even if you don’t want to sit there and surf for hours on end, you can pay for 100 Hits, 500 Hits, 1,000 Hits, So On And So Fourth. Even though it’s frowned upon traffic that really won’t get you sales it will however get your website blog or affiliate link in higher ranking in the search engines because of the amount of hits your recieving. So if your looking to get a fast start we would suggest using a traffic exchange for the first week your blog or website is new mostly not surfing but buy 5,000 to 10,000 credits making your website blog or affiliate link get 1,000 to 2,000 hits a day for the first week. Then again, you can use traffic exchanges this way each and every time as a test run to see how well your banner ads or articles may be doing on your website or blog via this technique.

So To Traffic Exchange or to not? The choice is up to you really. We suggest using it for the first week your blog website or affiliate link is new. This way you’ll be getting traffic but without having to sit there and surf for hours on end, it’s easier to buy credits or hits to your website blog or affiliate link than it is to sit there and spread up your credits you’ve earned from surfing for hour or nine hours. The best site for Traffic exchanges is Easyhits4u because it’s safe, free, and easy to use anyone just getting into affiliate marketing and using Clickbank can use this site to their full advantage and if you get into Bux Sites and Referral Marketing then sites like Easyhits4u Trafficwitch, etc are good choices in getting referrals and sales for that niche. Maybe the poor mans traffic but has hidden gems if you use it right. And Clickbank

Picture was an amazing site at one time. Allowing a lot of Clickbank affiliates to make auto pilot income off of building hubs or simply writing articles on their website and garnering huge amounts of free traffic via search engines and hubpages itself that some affiliates where making hundreds a day off of hubpages. We ourselves where making a lot of money via hubs and our different accounts on hubpages that it was to good to be true, this to good to be true was a great website for clickbank Affiliates up until 2011 when Google changed it’s algorithm and Hubpages changed it’s Terms Of Service making it illegal to have any Clickbank Links, or outbound Links to Profit only websites or blogs. Making Affiliate Marketing virtually dead via that website because they wanted to have a good standing relationship with Google.

This is turn has cause a lot of Clickbank Affiliates to seek other means of making sales and killed off a lot of people who where making Good Money on with Clickbank Digital Products. We had to walk away from the site because of this and really killed out Clickbank Account that we used soley for hubpages. So as a new Clickbank Affiliate you’ll see a lot of websites blogs and articles referring to use for promoting your Clickbank Affiliate Links. Well don’t avoid the site and save your time content and put it someplace else like a new blog or website. What a lot of Hubpage users don’t realize is even though they get to use their Google Adsense accounts and link them to and Amazon affiliate accounts as well. Hubpages is making more money off of them then they realize. Even more so since Hubpages introduced the profit share system they’ve made you to think “Oh I can Make More Money Now” Wrong, your basically making them the money and putting little to no money in your own pocket.

Even though whatever content you put up there is yours and you can change and delete it at anytime. The amount of clicks, hits, and sales are really going to Hubpages. The traffic your getting is selected traffic, basically traffic Hubpages know won’t convert to clicks or sales themselves is what you get. So we suggest avoiding at all cost. Take your content time and money and go someplace else. You won’t regret it. We did a huge campaign against them and they ended up disabling our accounts. In fact millions of users have stopped using the site and left there accounts alone. A lot more have taken their content and went otherplaces and with that Hubpages is loosing money members but will gain more people with the luring tactics which is a huge scam. So if your looking to use don’t, take your time and create alluring websites and blogs posting your Affiliate Clickbank Links other places.

Stumble Upon And Clickbank


Stumble Upon is a website where you can post links to websites and refer them to the community. This website is another website to avoid if your a Google Adsense Publisher as it violates their Terms Of Service or TOS policy. However this site is amazing because it allows you to get free traffic to your Clickbank Affiliate Links without having to pay surf or do anything really. Just Stumble upon a website and post it to that website. It’s that simple and easy, nothing more nothing less. We use this website for every blog, every website we build and use to promote our Clickbank Affiliate links.

Since stumble upon is used by a lot potential buyers. It is a great way of getting started with getting traffic and understand how traffic and sales reflect with one another. A lot of young to old people use stumble upon each and everyday. So your chances for success are high rather if you sat there and used a traffic exchange and surfer for 10 to 12 hours a day. Which some people do, why go through all that when you can simple use Stumbleupon and get your website blog and affiliate links out there in front of millions of potential buyers eyes with Stumbleupon. In fact a lot of websites and blogs have buttons or social promote buttons so the people visiting your website or blog can post it right to Stumbleupon Facebook twitter and more.

So if your serious about getting in to affiliate marketing and using a site with millions of potential buyers then stumble upon is one of those sites where you can get a great head start in creating a lucrative income just by simple using the site being active in the community and posting your websites blogs and Clickbank Affiliate Links to it. Theres no shortage of traffic and some Clickbank Affiliates have said they’ve recieved thousands of hits from stumbleupon each and everyday which results in converted sales making them have an autopilot income from Stumbleupon. So we use it, millions of others use it and thousands of Clickbank Affiliates use it as well and have huge success with the website so go over give it a try and see how it fits your affiliate marketing strategy. And Clickbank


Google bought in hopes of being able to make money off of it and let me tell you have they ever. With Millions of users and millions more users signing up it’s no wonder why Google Adwords creates so much revenue for Google. Because of the millions of users who are Google Adsense Publishers creating multiple Blogs with Blogger. is a great resource for creating free blogs geared towards your Clickbank Affiliate links and products that your promoting. With millions of theme’s and websites offering free themes for Blogger you can create great blogs with free themes that will net you a lot of sales and traffic. All you have to do is monetize it the right way with Clickbank Banners and ad content reviews about your Clickbank Affiliate links and products that’s all.

We use blogger in a candy coated fashion and something you should beware of as well. Each blog you create and let me repeat this you create must be in no way SPAM or SPAM Looking or SPAM Oriented in anyway shape or form. You must load each blog your create geared towards a Clickbank Digital Product with loads of content and information. Make sure you back up all of your content just in case Google decides to suspend your blog and disable it. Up until a year ago Google didn’t care what you posted or what you where talking about but now they do. We’ve had over 30 blogs right off the bat disabled, content was lost and money was being lost as well. Once Google disables your blog getting it reversed is a process that takes months to years something not worth fighting for. Just simple take the backed up content and go someplace else or create a new blogger blog.

Even though you have to load up the blogs on blogger with a lot of content and make them look very good. A lot of themes made for blogger will do that for you. Just make sure you have a lot of content and don’t over due the amount of outbound links from your blog. Those outbound links being more than 4 or 5 per post about your Clickbank Digital Product your promoting or writing about/reviewing. We use blogger for Tech related software such as Registry cleaners and Making your PC run faster. As these type of promotions seem to last longer and have a better traffic rate via blogger than other sites we’ve used in the past. Blogger is an amazing site, it’s free gives you how much traffic your getting and lets you know every detail about that traffic your getting but has it’s downfalls. The plus’s however out weigh the downside of the website and is something every Clickbank Affiliate should know and be using to his or her full advantage. And Clickbank


Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr, how internet freedom writing freedom hell everything should be. Tumblr is the our number one site for sales, traffic and being able to create so many different unique blogs for our Clickbank promotions. We’ve been using Tumblr for over a year now and can’t believe at how much this site has improved our overall sales and how much money we do make via this website. From the amazing theme garden which has thousands of free Tumblr themes for you to use to the amount of people that use this site. You have millions of buyers ranging from young to old that will net you traffic and sales right away to your Clickbank Affiliate links. We once posted a new blog with four different posts and had over $100 dollars in sales the very first hour it was live, how amazing is that?

So if your new to Clickbank and affiliate marketing Tumblr Is the number one blogging site you should be using right now to make sales and increase your over all sales. The best feature of Tumblr is the ability to tagged or use tags with your posts on your Tumblr blogs which when it comes time for users to search for something or key words they’ll have your Tumblr blog coming up in the searches. This will also net you good search engine traffic. We have so many Tumblr blogs with great search engine ranking. Sometimes we create new tumblr blogs and within’ hours where getting hundreds of hits from Google Bing and Yahoo to our Tumblr blogs. It’s insane at how amazing this website is and how much more money where making because of it. So if your a Clickbank Affiliate if your new to affiliate marketing and or just simple want to increase your Clickbank Sales then create a tumblr account and get to making new tumblr blogs. You’ll see the difference immediately. And Clickbank


Weebly is one of the best website creation places to be. If your looking for a free website that lets you create free websites with free themes and drop and drag features then is your place. Weebly allows you to do so much from creating professional looking posts, adding pictures video seeing how much traffic your getting where it’s coming from. It’s impossible not to love this site, and take it from us this whole website was free for us all we did was choose a them, added our content and pictures and went to town. In fact our website is proof that you can create free professional looking websites without having to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars. Yes we’ve done some customizing but not a lot and any Clickbank Affiliate who’s looking to create websites for their Affiliate products their promoting can do what we’ve done in mere hours.

So if your take your time, write some content and choose the right theme. You can take your Clickbank Sales and increase them right away with Weebly. We’ve been using weebly since it first hit the scene and it hasn’t steered us wrong in anyway shape or form. What makes weebly so amazing is how easy and simple it is to actually create a website from scratch. With just some banners, pictures, and content you can take any weebly theme and turn it into a money making machine. With Affiliate marketing your number one goal should be steady sales, long term residual income and making a payout every month. With Weebly you can create a website that is up 100% of the time and is always running and working for you. You can even create a blog for each website you create with weebly and upgrade to pro features which allow you to have your own DOMAIN name like .com .net and .org so using weebly is simple easy and is one the sites to use for increasing sales in your Clickbank Account.

Article Marketing And Clickbank


Article Marketing has been the insider’s secret for making money with Clickbank for years now. It still to this day is the number one source of sales and traffic to come from Search Engines. Why? Because article websites allow you to create content for them, in return you content is hosted on there website and if you’ve done your SEO and Keyword homework for whatever your writing about or promoting via Clickbank you will start making smalls right away to steady sales from your articles. A lot of Clickbank affiliates only do article marketing as there only means of making sales with Clickbank. We where doing this for a while and stopped because it’s better to have a whole blog or website about what your promoting than one or two articles. It’s like putting all of your eggs into one basket something you should never do, take out hubpages review as an example of why not to put all your eggs into one basket.

Articles if written properly can generate you a lot of sales and traffic to your Clickbank Affiliate links. So say you’ve written 50 articles on one site and another 50 on another. Your chances of making sales have increased dramatically. Taking on that idea the more article websites you join add and write content to you can make a living writing articles and promoting your clickbank affiliate links through these articles. Our articles that are still up and running still net us sales and traffic to our affiliate links. You just have to remember always check your links and products your promoting to make sure there still active and that the vendors are still using Clickbank as there payment processor and means of making money. We had an incident with promoting an iPad eBook website and ended up checking one day to see that they’ve switched sites from Clickbank to Plimus and lost over $3,000 in sales. A lot of money to bite the bullet on and something that you are responsible for as an affiliate. So when writing a lot of content and articles keep in mind to check your links routinely to verify they still go through Clickbank.

Why So Many Clickbank Affiliates Fail At Affiliate Marketing

I think Affiliate Marketing, isn’t really for the weak or un determined at heart. If you have one good blog, one good website it doesn’t matter. For you to be successful at Affiliate Marketing And Working With Clickbank you need a lot of different resources, determination and an attitude to match. Personally what is going on lately is “software” dominance and false “guru” websites claiming to show you how to make hundreds a day. This on top of the fact that 98% of affiliates for Clickbank aren’t making good money, example for us our main resource Hubpages doesn’t allow clickbank links anymore haven’t for a while. So we had to close out our Hubpage Accounts which where bringing us in good money now nothing. But you see it’s those type of dangers that make affiliate marketing hard. I know a lot of affiliates who’ve emailed us have said 90% of their income was coming from hubpages now nothing. One affiliate story struck us hard he was making $100 to $200 a day from hubpages and traffic from them to his blogs and websites and now nothing.

Clickbank is easy to work with, to create hoplinks AD Units, etc. It’s the Marketing Part of it that’s hard. I always say Build A Website or Blog centered around the Clickbank Product your promoting. Yes, A lot of people do so already but that’s just it. They set it and forget it, without really knowing that if your going to be successful at affiliate marketing you have to load each blog/blogs, website/websites with CONTENT. Remember content is king and it must be unique, unless your using Software like Autoblog Samurai, or another auto blogging program that fills hundreds of blogs with content each and everyday but that’s for a later post. Clickbank Affiliates go on the notion that once they’ve set up their blog on to the next. Like I was, the person next was and so on and so fourth. It’s only years into Affiliate Marketing do you realize how much work really does go into it. The countless hours lost, the time you choose between living a life of freedom or spending time with your family or friends or even loved ones. The worst part about it is the amount of money you really invest in Affiliate Marketing.

Personally the first two years I spent over $3,000 dollars on “products” “software” “websites” all of them promising big money and big returns. Trust me none of them paid off in anyway shape or form. What did pay off and how I did start make money online was taking bits and pieces from different “systems”. Seeing what the supposive “gurus” the websites they where using, the circles they ran in. RESEARCHED till my eyes popped out and my fingers fell off. In the end it’s all about content and working on one thing at a time. Just this rule of working on one thing at a time is hard because every other day someone is coming out with a new way of making money with clickbank, another email coming up that promises hundreds a day or your signing into your Clickbank Account finding ADDs with pics of their daily sales showing thousands a day. The sad truth is if your watching the videos or looking at the pics they show. NOTICE The “Black Out” areas. What’s happening is they’re getting affiliates to promote their product “Sell it” and then turn around and show you all these amazing sales promising you hundreds a day even thousands. The sad truth is you won’t and it’s not going to happen.

See what happens is a lot of these guys have played the game for years and are great CONs. What happens is they play to the law of statistics. If you have say 100,000 affiliates who actively sign on and are marketing products for Clickbank and your product has been doing well or set of products you then turn around make some screen shots and pull a product together to market to the affiliates. Now law of statistics, If say those 100,000 affiliates say 40,000 click your add and buy your product only 1,000 or more will realize that the product is really nothing and want their money back. Then the “guru” will turn around and make a profit because he knows no more people will want their money back. Then take some more screen shots and market it more through Clickbank and other affiliates, email’s ,etc. That’s really how these guru’s make their money. Making products that are all about the flash but aren’t even worth the money. The even worse part about this is they charge insane amount of money and people pay it, thinking they’re gonna make hundreds a day and in the end they don’t.

What you have to realize is, it’s up to you to take the bull by the horns and do the work, the research. You don’t have to know a lot about SEO, Blogging, Website Building. You don’t need to pay for domains or email marketing, etc. All you need to know is how to write, research your product your promoting and how to get yourself out there. No one website one blog is going to bring you in a lot of money. In fact, I myself only started making money online 3 years ago because of all the years of creating blogs and websites and putting content post after post tweet after tweet. Your never going to see thousands even hundreds of thousands of hits to your website or blog. If your just starting out it’s going to be a full year before you even see a profit with Clickbank. If you’ve been in the game for a year or two now and your still not profiting I would say give up walk away get a job. Now you have to remember that as well a lot of affiliates are only doing this part time. The ones who are making good money are the ones doing it full time 8 to 9 hours a day. Well, why are they making money and not me who’s doing this a couple of hours a day?

It’s simple if you have one blog, say you quit your job or where fired/laid off. You now have 8 to 9 hours a day that you would have otherwise stayed at work or been working all now up in the air. Now if you take those 8 to 9 hours and say you created one or even two blogs. Focused on two different products, wrote two to three articles a day if not more and Marketed VIA Twitter with those two blogs, following and unfollowing people to gain a larger audience. Within’ one month you will be indexed, have good search engine traffic and ranking and have hits coming in from twitter. That’s just one scenerio, they’res hundreds I could give you if you have 8 to 9 hours a day to work with. The best part about having to do affiliate marketing full time is this. If you get laid off or fired from your JOB as long as you have unemployment coming in that’s a check every two weeks. With affiliate marketing at 9 hours a day you don’t need to invest money because you have time to sit write content market your blogs and do your research. Don’t believe me, just look at the successful affiliates and they’ll all tell the same story. Lost my job, was fired from my job, quit my job. Basically giving them all this time to think, try and test the waters.

Remember Affiliates FAIL because they buy every GURU product, every software out there. Get sucked into all these different systems that really drain their pockets. To be successful you have to be able to do it FULL TIME part time will take you longer while FULL TIME will get you there faster. One product at a time, even if takes weeks before you start seeing traffic to your blog or website. You don’t need a DOMAIN or money to invest unless you want some advertising done. Don’t buy “guru” products or systems that promise you hundreds of dollars a day. For every hours you invest it’s a thousand dollars that will come out of it later if you’ve done it right. Remember CONTENT IS KING and the more content on your blog or website the better you will do over the next person. DONT COPY CONTENT or SPIN CONTENT it doesn’t work and will  take you three times as long than the next person. Remember if one person has software that’s making them money million more do as well so the pool for making money get’s shorter. Don’t believe an ADD or product saying “why am I telling you this won’t this make it harder for people to make money, NO the more the better”. Sorry the more the better, obviously that person isn’t making money anymore and is throwing a hail Mary out there so he can make some money off of someone who’s desperate to make money online.

If you find a way to make money online DO NOT TELL ANYONE. Don’t let anyone in on it, and remember the successful affiliates are the ones you never hear about, never know and will never tell you. I had a cousin of mine for years who brought in 6 figures had the nice cars, women, houses and all of us never knew what he did. It wasn’t until he asked for some help on a project then I realized what was going on. Affiliate Marketing And Clickbank along with some other sites. Some people are just that lucky, you have to admit to yourself that A) Money goes to Money B) People who do they’re home work yeild the best results And C) The Early Bird Gets The Worm it’s why having your OWN DOMAIN is impossible because they’re all but bought up. Example of LUCK, friend of mine we both went into Affiliate Marketing within’ six months of each other with in the first year it took me years to make money online part time and he was profiting his first year. How did he do it? Luck, two blogs lived at home and had nothing to do but time. Myself had a job at the time was doing one to two hours a day. So you see time and luck play a major role, more time than anything. Don’t give up and always have a backup.

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